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Bird Control Info

Fog Force Bird Repellent

Fog Force is a bird repellent that is applied to the air space with a thermal fogger. Birds flying through the fog, breathe this in. Although harmless to birds, the fog affects their nerves around their beak area, causing them to feel pain. After repeat exposure to the fog, birds are trained to avoid the areas covered. Fog force is best applied earlier in the morning or later in the evening as birds are flying to or from the area. The fog has the most affect, as birds fly through this.

Why Fog Force is great for bird control:

  • Great for use in areas where birds are living or nesting like shelter belts, to help drive them out of these areas. Birds living in nearby areas, are normally the ones that will cause the most damage to your vineyard.
  • Normally after a few days of applying the fog, birds have had enough of the pain it causes them and learn to avoid the areas covered.
  • Using the wind to your advantage, the fog can be drifted across areas, for an effective wide area bird deterrent.
  • Made from MA, a food grade active ingredient - derived from grapes.
  • Approved by NZ Wine for use in vineyards.
  • Birds cannot get used to fog force.

What our customers say:

"We decided not to fit nets to the grapes this season but to try out the new Fog Force Bird Repellent in our 14 hectare vineyard, for bird control. The results have been truly amazing and prove that this new bird repellent has got huge potential in the viticulture industry" - Vineyard - Marlborough

"This is the first year I have used fog force. My neighbour and I have been using it this season. There has been a definite drop in the bird population in our vineyards." - Vineyard - Marlborough

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Predator Kites

Predator kites are a life-like bird of prey, commonly flown on a short 2 metre line from a telescopic pole where they fly like a real bird. These are our most popular and successful visual bird deterrent. An effective way to protect your vineyard from pest birds.

Why Predator Kites are great for bird control:

  • Realistic - these kites actually fly, appearing like a real bird of prey.
  • A great way to add effect to a sound deterrent system. Birds associate the predator sounds on the unit with the kite. This has a far greater deterring effect on the birds than using an individual deterrent on its own.
  • Pole heights of up to 9.2 metres allow coverage over a large area. The higher the kite is, the greater the coverage.
  • These kites will fly in a light breeze, if the wind does drop, they automatically start flying again when the wind picks up.
  • Easy to use and install or move between blocks as required.
  • An efficient and effective way to deter birds or add to any bird control program in vineyards.

What our customers say:

"The Falcon Kite I bought early March has done a great job in our 3 acre vineyard. We had covered the vines with nets but there were too many holes and the birds were causing lots of damage. After mounting the kite on the 9.2 metre pole, the bird damage greatly reduced. It has been a very worthwhile purchase." - Vineyard - Nelson

"We are harvesting olives at present. Although a light crop -there is minimal bird damage.Last crops have been decimated by birds. The falcon kite purchased must have contributed to the lack of bird damage." - Olive Grower - Nelson

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Pyrotechnics are banger or screamer cartridges fired from a hand held launcher pistol. Our cartridges are imported from a specialist manufacturer in Germany, for reliable and consistent quality. Pyrotechnics are an effective way to add to any bird control program in vineyards.

Why Pyrotechnics are great for bird control:

  • Bangers and screamers threaten, confuse and disorient all bird species, creating an environment they quickly learn to avoid.
  • Pyrotechnics are portable and can be used anywhere to quickly move on large flocks of birds attacking a vineyard.
  • Use of both banger and screamer cartridges, confuses birds and prevents them from becoming used to the sounds.
  • Change and randomization are both important factors in deterring birds. This is easily achieved with pyrotechnics.
  • An easy way to add to any bird control programme, pyrotechnics can be used along with other methods of bird control.
  • Safer and more effective than shooting.
  • A gun licence is not required, pyrotechnics can be used by any member of staff 18 years and over.

What our customers say:

"We were instantly impressed by the volume of the bangers firstly and then we tried a screamer. This was even more impressive by its volume and distance. The sound and scream would travel right across the paddock. The birds moved pretty quickly out of the paddock. We waited to see if they would settle back into the paddock after 5 minutes or so, but they didn't." - Seed Grower - Canterbury

"We have used Pestgard’s pyrotechnic launcher to supplement a shooting and netting programme. Our shooter finds the hand held pistol useful to control birds next to a busy highway where discretion is required. It was effective in splitting and deterring large mobs of starlings, targeting the vineyard. Certainly in the market for more." - viticulturist - Marlborough.

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Bird-X Sound Deterrents

Bird-X in the USA have been supplying effective and humane bird control solutions for over 50 years. Use of natural bird sounds have been used for many years as an effective way to deter birds. Bird-X units are designed for long life in outdoor conditions as well as playing high quality and realistic bird sounds for effective bird control.

Why Bird-X sound deterrents are great for bird control:

  • Natural bird distress and predator sounds, cause birds to feel threatened and unsafe. Their instincts tell them to leave or avoid the areas covered.
  • These sounds can be volume adjusted to blend in with the surrounding environment, so they can be used in more confined or built up areas.
  • A range of time delay settings as well as day, night or 24 hour use options.
  • Each sound unit has a combination of 8 different sounds which can be used interchangeably and randomized to prevent bird habituation.
  • Additional sound cards can be used to target different bird species or used for variation.
  • We have large sound library with the ability to target a variety of different bird species in different areas and situations.
  • A simple and cost effective way to deter birds from large areas. Different size units are available depending on the coverage required.

What our customers say:

“Last season worked out very well for us with very little bird damage. We decided to invest in some specialized bird control equipment from Pestgard to protect 5 hectares of Gold Kiwifruit. Some Super BirdXPeller Pro units were purchased along with some Predator Kites. Plant & Food Research told us we had done well compared to other growers in the area that suffered from bird damage." - Kiwifruit Grower - Te Puke

“We have finished using the Mega Blaster in our vineyards now and are very pleased with the results. There was very little bird damage within a 200 meter radius (12½ hectares) and it was significantly reduced over a 250 metre radius (20 hectares). I would have no hesitation in recommending this electronic equipment as an important tool in bird control." - Vineyard - Nelson

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Purivox Gas Guns

Purivox in Germany have been manufacturing quality gas guns for over 30 years. Designed and built to last, these gas guns will give you many years of problem-free bird control. All Purivox gas guns are electronically controlled for reliability, safety and peace of mind.

Why Purivox gas guns are great for bird control:

  • Purivox gas guns target all bird species and are a simple and cost effective way to deter birds from large areas.
  • Electronic controls allow a range of time and shot settings. This allows simple adjustment for different applications and compliance with local regulations
  • All time delay settings are randomized, this prevents bird habituation.
  • A 24 hour timer allows easy setup of on and off times, adjustable within 30 minute intervals. A lot more functional and reliable than light sensors.
  • Economical on both gas and battery power. A Purivox gas gun can shoot over 15,000 shots from one 9kg LPG bottle.
  • Adjustable shot volume both electronically and by adjusting the blast tube.
  • Shot volume of up to 146 decibels at 1 metre or 96 decibels at 100 metres - great for wide area, bird control coverage.

What our customers say:

"Having tried every gas gun on the market, we found that nothing is as good as the Pestgard Purivox gas gun. Our company has been using the Purivox gas gun for more than 16 years. We have over 200 guns in use every year and they are easy to put up. Most of all they are reliable and work. The ease of set up is very important to us. We have one guy full time for the season going around the farms and checking and moving the guns when needed. This ensures that the guns are well looked after and positioned right for optimum coverage. Depending on the size of field, e.g. 10 hectares, 3 - 4 guns work very well." - Seed Grower - Canterbury

"We operate three Gas Guns in our vineyard and have traditionally used the Hunter models. Last year we used a Purivox Carousel and were very impressed with its performance, reliability and ease of use. This season we used two of the purivox models and one of the Hunter models on the same block. They were all picked up today and put into storage and it was very interesting to note the difference. Both were used for 6 weeks and set up to operate for the same hours and shots per cycle etc. Purivox Carousels: Used 60% of a 9kg bottle of LPG and the batteries lasted all season. Hunter: Used three 9kg bottles of LPG and the battery had to be charged half way through. This was very interesting when the Carousel emits a louder shot." - Vineyard - Marlborough

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