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How to Stop Dogs Barking

Dogs will often bark for no reason and as humans we do not always understand why this may be.

Why do dogs bark?
This can often be for a number of reasons: when they are happy, to warn of a strange animal or person nearby, to alert of danger, some dogs will bark just for the sake of barking or some will bark at almost any noise, movement or disturbance.

How to stop a dog from barking?
There are a number of things you can do to help prevent your dog from barking.
- You may be able to train them to stop barking at a voice command. This can be effective but often can be ignored by the dog.
- Remove what they are barking at or put the dog in an area where they cannot be disturbed. This can help but is not always practical for many homes.
- Ignore the barking. Sometimes this can take away the motivation to bark.
- Keep your dog active so they are too tired to bark.

The best way - use a successful anti bark device.
These are products that can be used manually or automatically to help prevent your dog from barking at unwanted times.
Pestgard stock products that have been used extensively throughout New Zealand and proven successful in a variety of different situations.
Shock collars are widely regarded to be inhumane and harmful to dogs.
Pestgard's bark control products use ultrasonic or sonic sound to train your dog not to bark.
These products are a humane solution to prevent nuisance dog barking.

The Good Neighbour Barker Breaker, is our most popular bark control device.
This is great for covering larger outdoor yard and kennel areas. Automatically activated by the dog, so you have the peace of mind that it will work even when you are not at home.

The Mini Barker Breaker, is manually activated. Just point at the dog and press the button to train your dog to stop barking. This is ideal if you need to stop barking when out for a walk.

The Bark Free, is also automatically activated when the dog barks. The bark free can be set to use ultrasonic sound to train dogs not to bark, these sounds are heard by the dog, but are virtually inaudible to people. This is more suited for use inside, in cars and near kennels. Best for use in areas where people are very close by.

Give yourself some peace and keep your neighbours happy, buy online now!

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