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Free NZ Delivery on orders over $99.00 + GST
Disinfecting Surfaces with ULV Fogging

Disinfecting Surfaces with ULV Fogging

Government recommendations for prevention of COVID-19 include regular disinfection of surfaces. When NZ returns to COVID-19 alert level 3, all businesses beginning to operate again must have plans in place for good hygiene measures, to keep their employees safe.
ULV (Ultra Low Volume) fogging is a quick and effective way of applying disinfectants to surfaces.

Advantages of ULV fogging for sanitisation and disinfection:
  • Quick - ULV foggers can quickly cover large areas in a short time.
  • Effective - ULV foggers create a small, even particle size which effectively covers an entire surface. Standard sprayers create larger, variable size particles, which when sprayed on a surface still have gaps where virus's, bacteria and other pathogens on the surface can be missed, see comparison images below.
  • Efficient - use less chemical than other methods
  • Very little clean up required - ULV fogging leaves very little wet residue.
Conventional spraying - large particles - poor coverage:

ULV Fogging - small particles - even coverage:

View ULV foggers in action in the video below

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