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Laser bird deterrents for crops and vineyards – it’s now a reality

Laser bird deterrents for crops and vineyards – it’s now a reality

Laser beams have been used for a number of years as effective bird deterrents. With specialist lasers designed for deterring birds, birds perceive the beam as a solid object. Providing the beam is moving, birds view this as a threat and quickly move away from it.
Birds eyesight is advanced, with vision being their primary sense used for both navigation and food finding. Their eyesight gives birds a view of the entire laser beam as well as the ability to see the beam at a great distance. This means lasers can be used to deter birds effectively, across large areas.
Until now, most laser bird deterrent options have been available as hand-held units, or with auto laser functionality available for indoor units only.
Now with the new Birdzout Auto laser range, we bring to growers a range of automatic lasers, suitable for outdoor use in crops, orchards and vineyards. These are backed up by the Birdzout BirdEraser range of hand-held units.
With the cost of labour for netting installation increasing, many growers are looking for more sustainable and efficient alternatives to deter birds. A number of growers are using the Birdzout Auto lasers this season, either as a means of adding to their bird control program or as an alternative to netting, depending on the severity of bird pressure.
Hand-held laser use is restricted in New Zealand with the exception of use for industrial purposes, which includes bird control. These restrictions do not apply to auto lasers, but we recommend anyone within a 4 km distance of an airport, contact the airport operations manager to advise them.
The Birdzout Auto laser range is available in 3 models that protect areas up to 25 hectares.

Why use Birdzout auto lasers?
  • Effective: Laser deterrents are an effective means of deterring birds. Unlike some other deterrent and bird scarer options, birds cannot habituate or get used to the effect of the laser beam on them.
  • Randomised: while birds cannot get used to laser beam itself, some bird species can learn a specific pattern overtime (if used continuously) and learn to work around this.
    A key feature of the Birdzout auto lasers is their ability to randomise the pattern the laser moves in, preventing bird habituation.
  • Wide area bird control: As mentioned above, lasers are effective over a large area, making it easy to cover a large space from a central point.
  • Ease of setup and use: Birdzout auto lasers are easy to install and setup by growers themselves.
  • Silent: Lasers bird deterrents are silent, which is a great advantage particular near urban or semi-urban areas.
  • Efficient and sustainable: Lasers provide a bird control solution that is cost effective, greatly reduces labour costs, is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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Birdzout Auto Laser in Vineyard
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Maintrac Group - May 5, 2020

Hello Ian.
We have had good results with the Birdzout Auto Lasers for deterring starlings in vineyards and orchards, so we believe these would also work well in an olive grove. We recommend the larger BZAL-250 and BZAL-500 models as more effective in bright sunlight. Will contact you with more information.

IAN STEWART - May 5, 2020

Hi – do you have any reports of how effective anti bird lasers are against starlings and in particular if they work in bright sunlight ? I have to find a non gas gun solution to the bird problem in my 2000 tree olive grove

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