Pyrotechnics for bird control in crops

Our range of pyrotechnics products have proved to be very successful for bird control in crops. Many growers say that when they fire off a banger or screamer, birds will leave the area, and do not return. "We were instantly...

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How to keep seagulls off a roof?

This is a question we are often asked. Seagulls like to take up residency on the roofs of buildings. Roof areas are warm and provide a home and nesting areas for seagulls and other sea birds. These creatures are noisy...

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Magpie Control

Tired of being bothered by pesky magpies? We have solutions available. Magpies are commonly known to attack people and often kill native birds. View information and solutions for magpie control on our magpies page A magpie trap is a simple...

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