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Bird Control in Kiwifruit

Bird control in Kiwifruit is important, particularly at bud burst. Loss of Kiwifruit flower buds to birds feeding can occur very quickly and can be devastating to orchards, causing loss of revenue for both growers and the kiwifruit industry.
Pestgard have available a wide range of solutions to help you combat this problem. - Read more.

Sparrows, Finch and Silver Eyes are the main birds that cause trouble for Kiwifruit growers. In some areas Rosellas can also be an issue.
To target these birds, the best success is gained from using a combination of bird deterrents. Multiple deterrents work together to create an affect on the birds that is far greater than individual deterrents used on their own.
In kiwifruit we have found the best way to keep pest birds away is to use a combination of sound deterrents combined with visual deterrents.
This is an effective but humane and safe way to protect Kiwifruit buds from destructive birds.
- Read more on best bird control practice in Kiwifruit.

“Bird control during Gold Kiwifruit bud burst has been an important issue on our orchards so we contacted Pestgard for advice on the best solutions. We purchased a number of Super BirdXPeller Pro machines to get coverage over about 40 hectares of orchard. Plug-in micro chips were supplied with specially programmed sounds to repel the usual orchard birds. A few Bangers and Predator kites were also used. Some Mesurol was used but this was difficult due to the very wet season. Bud counts later on showed that there was no bird damage worth speaking of, and with the harvest now completed; the crop yields have been very pleasing. Other orchards in the area suffered significant bud damage from birds. We will definitely be investing in more bird control equipment from Pestgard to protect our other orchard areas.” - SC, Opotiki                

“We had a small block of Gold Kiwifruit coming into maturity with no bird control system in place. We did not want to use Mesurol so looked for alternative options that were going to be economic and successful long term. A Super BirdXPeller Pro was purchased with the standard USA sound chip and also a customised sound chip to specially target our bird types. During bud burst, there were still quite a few birds in the trees but they seemed very reluctant to fly down into the vines. We suffered very little bird damage and are very pleased with the crop yields this season. There is a 30 hectare property right alongside us that extensively uses Mesurol and we were concerned that the birds would by-pass this property and attack ours. This did not happen and we will be looking at investing in more of this electronic bird control equipment for the new season.”  - SM, TePuke

“Last season worked out very well for us with very little bird damage. We decided to invest in some specialized bird control equipment from Pestgard to protect 5 hectares of Gold Kiwifruit. Some Super BirdXPeller Pro units were purchased along with some Predator Kites. Plant & Food Research told us we had done well compared to other growers in the area that suffered from bird damage. We also used some Mesurol but not sure if this had much effect due to the wet season. We have another 5 hectares that needs protection from birds so will definitely be investing in more equipment this season.” - RR, TePuke

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