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  • Fog Force™ Bird Repellent fully approved and available in New Zealand!

    Rejex-it® Fog Force™ Bird Repellent is a fogging agent that is used as a very efficient tool for the management of nuisance birds without harming them or any other animals. It is formulated from a food grade ingredient, Methyl Anthranilate (MA), which is a naturally occurring compound with reduced risk to the environment.  Fog Force is made in USA and has been used very successfully in bird control for many years.

    Thermal Foggers, or specially designed Diffusion Machines are used to dispense tiny particles into the birds' air space. After several exposures to the fog / vapour, the birds will leave the area completely. Automated diffusion systems are available to inhibit any future re-infestation in localised areas or buildings.

    When used with Thermal Foggers, the particle emissions are lighter than air and will travel huge distances in the wind currents. The particles are too small to attach to solid surfaces but bounce off and keep moving. This has been proved with extensive laboratory analysis on grapes after applications in vineyards.
    A fantastic tool for shifting large bird populations very quickly.

    Fog Force has also been applied in glass houses with thermal foggers where birds are attacking Tomatoes and Capsicums. This is very successful and there is absolutely no sign of any phytotoxicity.

    Methyl Anthranilate (MA) was added to the New Zealand Inventory of Chemicals in 2006.  It is produced naturally in grapes and is used in the flavouring, perfume and pharmaceutical industries. Lab and field studies have shown that MA is an effective and nonlethal bird repellent.  MA has a pleasant grape aroma to humans and is fully approved for applications in the workplace.

    In the USA, the compound is classified as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS), by the Expert Panel of the Flavour & Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA). It is used as a flavouring agent in beverages, ice creams, candy, baked goods, gelatines, puddings, and chewing gum.

    How does Fog Force work?

    MA is a sensory repellent and reacts with the trigeminal nerves in the beak, mouth, gizzard, eyes, mucous membranes and throat of the bird causing a brief, burning sensation.  The birds must leave the treated air space in order to avoid the reaction. Over time and after several exposures to the MA haze, birds will begin to associate their negative reaction to the property itself and will stop returning to the area. MA is effective on all birds and they don’t get used to it.
    Has no effect on mammals but works on all bird species. Only birds have exposed trigeminal nerves.

    Relevance of Fog Force Particle Emission Sizes

    (The diameter is measured in microns. There are 1000 microns in a millimetre.)

    Less than 1 micron – Smoke Thermal Foggers produce these emissions. This is very effective on all birds due to the huge number (billions) of particles. This is the best way of using Fog Force in large open spaces.
    1 to 5 micron – Vapour and Haze The Cobratech 700 produces these emissions (and the 750 when in the vapour mode.) This causes medium irritation to birds. It allows for very economical use of the repellent but may take longer to shift the birds, especially small birds.
    10 micron  –  Haze The special spray nozzle on the Cobratech 500 and 750 produces these emissions. This causes strong irritation to birds and quickly trains them to leave. Particles smaller than 10 micron are lighter than air and naturally rise.
    20 micron  –  ULV Foggers The larger particles are very painful to birds and cause an immediate reaction, especially if they are flying through it. More repellent is used.

    If just 1 millilitre (ml) of Fog Force was divided into 5 micron particles, there would be 15 billion of them!

    Important Points of Interest:

    • Resident birds are much more difficult to shift because of their emotional attachment to the location.
    • Mother will not leave her young, and any flightless young will not leave until they can fly.
    • If you smell it, they can feel it.
    • The larger the bird, the more sensitive.
    • Birds breathe up to 30 times faster while they are flying, so Fog Force is most effective during flight.
    • Use integrated programs with multiple irritation and behaviour changing actions.
    • No single bird control system is a 'set it and forget it'. They all need to be monitored and serviced.

    Approved by AsureQuality for applications in food, beverage and dairy factories.

    We would like to say how happy we are with the Fog Force bird scarer which we recently installed in our horse stables.  We have found it to be pretty effective at keeping the birds out even though we haven't filled in the ends of the stables yet.  There seems to be no ill effects on the horses and is easy to operate.

    I expect our total bird problems will be over once we have the ends filled in and have the Fog Force in operation during the day.  Many thanks for your great service to us and great communication.

    Josh, Rangiora

    “We decided not to fit nets to the grapes this season but to try out the new Fog Force Bird Repellent in our vineyard for bird control.  The results have been truly amazing and prove that this new bird repellent has got huge potential in the viticulture industry.

    The 14 hectare rectangular shaped vineyard has usually suffered from very high bird pressure at one end where there is 400m of tall Hawthorn shelter belt and an orchard over the fence.  We purchased a Super BirdXPeller Pro with a customised sound chip and a Predator Kite.  These were set up in the worst area.  We also purchased the Fog Force from Pestgard and hired a Thermal Fogger from them.
    The Thermal Fogger was used two or three times a day for the first week and then only once every few days.  The fog was applied approximately 100 metres upwind from the target and then the wind carried it through the block.  We walked around the perimeter with the fogger and applied a short burst of fog every 20 or 30 metres. This gave us good coverage over the whole block and drove away the large flocks of Starlings and Silvereyes.  It was extremely effective and you could smell the Fog Force fragrance a long way from our property.  There is a shelterbelt row of gum trees about 300 metres from our property and we applied some fog 100 metres upwind as an experiment.  It was amazing to watch the wind carry it down the line of trees and to see the effect that the trees have on the wind.  It was quite different to what I had imagined.  The birds didn’t like it and flew away.
    After the first week of fogging, there were still a few birds coming back, but they didn’t stay around for very long and there was nothing like the bird damage we had other years.
    During the harvest I drove a truck and picked up grapes from a lot of other vineyards and it was very satisfying to see that any bird damage we did receive was less that 10% of what a lot of the other growers have had to put up with.
    We used 10 ½ litres of Fog Force during the season and at $ 54.90 per litre, it worked out a hell of a lot cheaper that putting on nets.  It is a major break though in bird control and has huge potential for saving growers a lot of money.  Our nets were due for replacement next season but now we can look forward to saving $ 16,000.00.”

     T Campbell, Marlborough

    About thirty years ago Black Birds first became a problem, they started eating the Sundrop Apricots in early October when the fruit was about half the size of a golf ball very hard and obviously very green. This was quite disturbing to say the least as the fruit was left with large holes which did not heal therefore rendering them unable to be sold. In recent times Black Birds are having the same effect on our peaches and nectarines. They continue to destroy the fruit even after it has been thinned for four to six weeks, which is annoying. Bird scare guns did help but even with twelve gauge back up they still remain persistent.

    When your business is Horticulture orientated problems are ongoing and solutions need to be found, so making contact with Pest Gard seemed well worth investigating regarding the bird issue. After speaking and talking over various options with Neil, we decided to trial the Fog Force bird repellent in our orchard.

    The peach blocks were fogged twice a day for three days, then a break for three days, then once in the evening for three days, fogging every twenty-five metres. That application and ratio seemed completely adequate, as no Black Birds were seen or heard in these areas and damage ceased. An excellent result had been achieved, truly amazing.

    We also had great success with a variety of Apricots. The birds for some reason do not touch these until mature and a change of colour has taken place. The Thermal Fogger was used once in the evenings for four days, a break for two days then fogged again for two evenings. The result was staggering, the first time ever that no bird pecks, bird droppings or staining were found on the fruit.

    Plums were fogged near harvest time for three days in the evenings, Black Birds and Sparrows were the target. Bird damage stopped immediately mission accomplished.

    So having used the Thermal Fogger and experimented different options achieving an excellent result in so many different ways, we have now purchased the Fogger.

    This machine has huge potential in the Horticultural industry for saving growers a lot of money and stress.

    B Clayton, Hawks Bay

    "We used the Thermal Fogger about 150m upwind of the Radish Seed and let the fog drift across the paddock. There were thousands of Sparrows and Finch in the area but they definitely moved away when the Fog Force was applied.  We also have 1 acre of Blue Gums nearby where the birds like to roost. We found that by fogging the trees at dusk, we could shift thousands of birds away from the trees. Subsequently, we suffered very little damage to our radish seed crop compared to other years. The Rep told us that some of his clients' crops got caned by the birds this season. We will definitely be using Fog Force next year as an important tool for successful bird control." J Ellis, Ashburton

    “After birds devastating my Gold Kiwifruit crop in 2009-2010 because of inability to keep good spray coverage up, due to continued wet weather: I decided to get serious about waging war on birds this season. Birds cost me in the previous season around $120k in lost crops.

    After a discussion with Pestgard I decided the only way to combat the bird problem was to be multi pronged, ie one method was not going to be completely successful; birds are too smart.

    The main method or front line attack on the problem is the “surround sounds”, ie the Super BirdXPeller Pro bird distress calls broadcast across the orchard associated with the flying of predator kites – Hawks, Falcons etc.  This has kept the orchard devoid of bird damage through the green leaf bud break stage with no use of sprays.

    Every now and again we fog the orchard and surrounds with [Fog Force in] a [thermal] fogger mounted on an ATV and drive around the orchard at about 15-20kph.  This moves the birds instantly.

    For the final stage of protection, as an insurance, we are spraying as the flower buds become visible.

    Bird damage has been negligible to non-existent using the above methods and it’s easy, constant, and inexpensive, after the initial outlay and definitely insignificant compared to crop loss.

    The bird kites are so realistic when flying (also entertaining for the grandkids, when tied onto a fishing reel and line down the beach.)

    When first implemented the resident birds went nuts when they heard the Super BirdXPeller Pro going – it was amazing.

    I found that when first operated it took at least ½ an hour to 1 hour before the birds exited the orchard area completely.  Initially they moved to the tops of the shelter before deciding that this was still too close for comfort and far too risky – but bolt they did.  But rest assured they’ll be back the following morning until the machine is activated, then it is extremely satisfying to see them bolt again as soon as it is turned on.”

     R Mckay, Opotiki

    This is the first year I have used fog force.  My neighbour and I have been using it this season.  There has been a definite drop in the bird population in our vineyards.
    Although we haven't done any scientific study, the dawn chorus has become quite muted, and when I drive through a particularly at risk area I used to count about 60 birds, now it is down to about 5.
    We still use nets in some areas of high risk, and a bird banger, but overall I am convinced that fog force works. We will certainly be using it again next season.
    Thanks for the info you sent us.
    Allan H

    MSDS Fog Force

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