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Free Delivery NZ Wide - On Orders Over $99.00 + GST


von Birdzout

Pyrotechnik Single Shot Launcher

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$160.00 NZD
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  • Der Single Shot Launcher ist der Standard Launcher zum Projizieren von Bird Bangers und Bird Screamers.

    Eine einzelne Patrone und ein 6-mm-Rohling werden in den Launcher geladen. Der Rohling wird beim Brennen automatisch ausgeworfen.

    Munition kann nicht abgefeuert werden.

    In Neuseeland ist keine Waffenlizenz erforderlich, um die Patronen Launcher und Pyrotechnics zu verwenden.

    Benutzer müssen über 18 Jahre alt sein - beim Kauf ist ein Altersnachweis erforderlich.

    Richten Sie den Launcher immer mindestens 45 Grad nach oben, damit die verbrauchten Patronen abkühlen, bevor Sie auf den Boden treffen.

    Die Produkte müssen bei Nichtgebrauch verschlossen aufbewahrt werden.

    Von Funken oder Zündquellen fernhalten.

  • This product is restricted in some countries including Australia. Please check your local regulations before purchasing this product, as a licence or import approval may be required to use or import this product.
    This product can be shipped, but Maintrac Group Ltd will not be held responsible or cover costs if the product is declined or returned by customs, or is used in a manner that is not compliant with legal requirements (outside of New Zealand).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Review pyrotechnic launcher.

Works well and quality construction which has a good weight to it.

Scares the birds away nicely.

Works a treat!

Just some feedback on the bangers for the paradise ducks...
Works a treat! They've been back a couple of times, but now they are really wary and take off as soon as they see me coming for them. People said to me 'it won't work' - but it has!
Thanks a million, so glad I didn't have to get them shot!

Smith Seeds
Instantly Impressed

"We were instantly impressed by the volume of the bangers firstly and then we tried a screamer. This was even more impressive by its volume and distance. The sound and scream would travel right across the paddock. The birds moved pretty quickly out of the paddock. We waited to see if they would settle back into the paddock after 5 minutes or so, but they didnt."