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Free Delivery NZ Wide - On Orders Over $99.00 + GST


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Trigo de Alphachloralose

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  • Alphachloralose es un narcótico que actúa anestesiando aves más bien que matarlos.


    • permite a aves del fastidio capturarse y destruirse mientras otras aves no objetivo se pueden reanimar
    • no daña aves - sólo deja estupefacto
    • no - apuntan aves se puede reanimar en un lugar seco caliente
    • ideal para Gorriones

    Alphachloralose es la sustancia ÚNICA LEGALMENTE APROBADA en NZ que se puede usar para controlar números de la ave sin una licencia.

    Para obtener la eficacia máxima, todas las aves objetivo se deberían prealimentar, 3-4 días antes de la utilización, por tanto son conscientes de la fuente de la comida

    Para usuarios internacionales - por favor compruebe sus normas de países para asegurar que Alphachloralose sea una sustancia aprobada. Por favor note: como esto es un producto del origen de la planta, por favor confirme con sus autoridades locales que este producto se puede legalmente importar

    Instrucciones de trigo de Alphacloralose

  • This product is restricted in some countries including Australia. Please check your local regulations before purchasing this product, as a licence or import approval may be required to use or import this product.
    This product can be shipped, but Maintrac Group Ltd will not be held responsible or cover costs if the product is declined or returned by customs, or is used in a manner that is not compliant with legal requirements (outside of New Zealand).

    Delivery costs, where applicable, can be calculated on the cart page, add products to cart then view cart and calculate shipping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Highly effective

I purchased this product to eradicate a large flock of Indian myna birds from my property.
It’s a highly effective way to get rid of nuisance birds, it works very quickly on them. I found this product very easy to use and you don’t need much. I got rid of the flock within 2 days of purring it out.


Had millions of sparrows around my chicken coop, used it twice and now my chicken have more freedom and food!!!

Bye bye birds

Amazing product. We got 40 sparrows in 3 days and finally some relief from them nesting all over our roof and chimneys.

Lakshman Bandara

It work as it says. I used it for getting rid of Sparrows. You have to make sure that they are used to eating wheat by giving them wheat before using the product.


Worked so fast it took me by surprise. Awesome product, I would highly recommend it.