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Free Delivery NZ Wide - On Orders Over $99.00 + GST


par Pestoff

Pâte d'alphachloralose 500g

UGC AP 0.5
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  • L'alphachloralose est un stupéfiant qui agit en anesthésiant les oiseaux plutôt qu'en les tuant.


    • permet de capturer et de détruire les oiseaux nuisibles tandis que d'autres oiseaux non ciblés peuvent être réanimés
    • ne nuit pas aux oiseaux - stupéfie seulement
    • facile à utiliser - il suffit de l'étaler sur du pain
    • les oiseaux non ciblés peuvent être réanimés dans un endroit chaud et sec
    • idéal pour les étourneaux et autres oiseaux qui ne mangent ni blé ni pois.

    L'alphachloralose est la seule substance légalement approuvée en Nouvelle-Zélande qui peut être utilisée pour contrôler le nombre d'oiseaux sans permis.

    Pour obtenir une efficacité maximale, tous les oiseaux cibles doivent être pré-nourris, 3 à 4 jours avant d'utiliser la pâte, afin qu'ils connaissent la source de nourriture

    Pour la plupart des oiseaux, étalez la pâte sur le pain et faites-en un sandwich. Coupez-le en petits carrés pour nourrir les oiseaux. Pour les oiseaux comme les pies et les mynas, mélangez la pâte avec de la viande hachée ou de la graisse ou autre chose qu'ils mangeront.

    Pour les utilisateurs internationaux - veuillez vérifier les réglementations de votre pays pour vous assurer que l'Alphachloralose est une substance approuvée.

    Instructions de pâte d'alphacloralose

  • This product is restricted in some countries including Australia. Please check your local regulations before purchasing this product, as a licence or import approval may be required to use or import this product.
    This product can be shipped, but Maintrac Group Ltd will not be held responsible or cover costs if the product is declined or returned by customs, or is used in a manner that is not compliant with legal requirements (outside of New Zealand).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lou Jones
Received and it's a killer

I was excited to order the product from NZ, seeing that here you have to get only if you are in the industry. The order came through no problem , and maybe these pest pigeons soiling my home sensed sleep time was near. Product is huge, well packaged and came 1 week earlier than expected. Now I am armed with a product that works here.


The paste works well. It is very easy to spread like butter at room temperature. I recommend baiting with bread for a few days along with seed to get the pigeons used to the bread before you start using the paste. Thanks for shipping to NSW, Australia. I'd only recommend taping up the ends of the box so that it can't work its way loose in transit.

Leon King
Great product

A very good service
The product works as described
For half a teaspoon of this product and I was able to pick up 20 nuisance birds

Paul Cimino

I'm a licensed PCP.
I have never used a product such as this.
It worked fantastic, after pre-baiting and using extreme caution, I did have two non-target species ingest the seeds.
I brought them in and placed them in a cage, after a little while, with some heat, they were fine to be released.
The target species were controlled by the seeds, which worked very quickly, and were easily disposed of.
I highly recommend this product. I recommend being very cautious and watching over the baited area, as it works very well and should be used sparingly, as not to target non-pest species.

M Beaumont

Trying to deal with the influx of Mynah birds, who are high intelligent and not easily fooled. Product worked extremely well. Made the birds sandwiches and they went for it. Product worked quickly and effectively.Got 15 in the first round, will be doing another hit shortly. Highly recommend this product as a humane way of dealing with these pests. For Best results do in morning on a cold one if possible, make “finishing off” easier. Will definitely buy more.