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Free Delivery NZ Wide - On Orders Over $99.00 + GST


par Jackite

Oie canadienne - Cerf-volant leurre

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  • Les leurres volants les plus réalistes de tous

    Ces cerfs-volants réalistes battent leurs ailes, s’attaquent à l’air et s’envolent vers de nouveaux sommets imitant un oiseau en vol.
    De loin, il est difficile de distinguer un vrai oiseau de l’un de ces cerfs-volants.

    Envergure de 800 mm
    Fabriqué à partir de Tyvek
    Très léger mais résistant
    Adapté aux vents jusqu’à 50km/h

    Le cerf-volant est mieux piloté à partir d’un poteau télescopique, mais peut être attaché à un surcaster


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A Baigent
Canadian Goose

I used the Canadian Goose kite last season and really felt that it worked well. The geese were attracted well, I felt they came in from a long way away, they were miles away and they seemed to start dropping from miles off and just come straight in, which I’ve never experienced that before. If I was a betting man, I’d say it was the goose kite that did it.


Decoy works awesomely

High flying birds seem to turn and make a line for the kites

Planned a late afternoon shot in pretty miserable conditions. Again the first decoy in place was the Jackite Kite. While still placing full bodied decoys we had ducks wanting to come in!!! Needless to say we had an outstanding afternoons shooting with very little calling. Again even high flying birds seem to turn and make a line for the kites and once flying over or beside the kites!! decoyed straight in to land. I would recommend your product to any hunter looking for an edge when after ducks.

Happy Hauraki Hunter
The results speak for themselves

I like the Mallard decoy kites. We set up the kite on the outer edge of the landing gap (i.e. into the wind). It steadied up the flight path of the ducks coming through. It made for very consistent shooting, you could almost set up the same shot every time. We got good clean shots with the decoy kite set up. We often get turning and evading with our usual decoy set up, but not this time. Ducks look for company and the decoy kit certainly gave them the company that they were looking for. The results speak for themselves.


On the opening of duck shooting we shoot on a large float on an estuary in a lagoon. In the morning the wind was too strong, but the afternoon was perfect. We launched the kite from a surf caster on the back of the float with about 50' of line, and left the rod in a bracket at the back. Within minutes, 5 mallards done a once fly bye and I noticed they were all looking hard at the kite. They quickly turned and approached directly from behind the kite. (NOTE, NO CIRCLING), and hovered both sides of kite only a few feet either side ... it was amazing ... and we shot 4 out of 5. A few minutes later a single came round, following the exact same flight path. Half an hour later another 4 ... same flight path... and 10 minutes later 3 more. Out of the 120 decoys we had set out all round us, it was noted once the kite was out, ALL the ducks hovered right beside the kite, and in good shooting range. We all thought it was fantastic. It looks like a duck flying, and it didn't frighten them. We were sceptical at the start, but hey... we thought it was doing its job, and we got the results.