Coming soon - multipurpose drones!

Tough. Weatherproof. Endurance.

Fly in all Weather Conditions.

Enduracopter's weatherproof frame and quality water and dust proof motors, mean you can fly in all weather conditions.
Rain or shine. Snow, dust or sand.

IP64 Rated

Fly Longer.

Enduracopter's powerful motors and a lightweight but strong body, allow you to fly longer and faster.
Perform all the tasks you need.

50 minute approximate flight time


A variety of uses in many different industries.

Bird Control

bird control

Asset Inspection

asset inspection

Crop Monitoring

crop monitoring


Enduracopter is customisable for range of different payloads
Add a sound unit, 4K camera, thermal camera. No problem.


Fly with Ease

Enduracopter App is designed for ease of use and simplicity
4 different control modes and lidar safety cater for all users.

NZ Designed and Built

Hand built in New Zealand from local and imported components.

Coming soon

Demo sessions will be available in selected areas

Phone: 0800 654 320 or contact us for more information.