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Migrate Field Test

Migrate Bird Repellent Field Test in Leeston

Some trials were conducted by Southern Seed Technology in Dec 2012 to establish the effectiveness of using Migrate Bird Repellent in seed crops. The results were staggering and the photos show the results very clearly.

Technical details:
  • Migrate application rate 9.46 litres / Ha (One bottle)
  • Bond Xtra 0.3L / Ha
  • Water rate 200 L / Ha
  • Application date = 24th December 2012
  • Barley crop stage = milky dough

This photo was taken on 12-1-2013. (19 days later)
Migrate was applied to the row on the left. The row on the right was left untreated.
Results: - Treated plot less than 5% seed loss. Untreated plot more than 85% seed loss

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