Alphachloralose Wheat

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Alphachloralose is a narcotic which acts by anesthetizing birds rather than killing them. 

Special Features:

  • enables nuisance birds to be captured and destroyed while other non-target birds can be revived
  • does not harm birds - only stupefies 
  • non- target birds can be revived in a warm dry place
  • ideal for Sparrows 

Alphachloralose is the ONLY LEGALLY APPROVED substance in NZ that can be used to control bird numbers without a license.

To obtain maximum effectiveness, all target birds should be pre-fed, 3-4 days before using, so they are aware of the food source

For international users - please check your countries regulations to ensure Alphachloralose is an approved substance. Please note: as this is a product of plant origin, please confirm with your local authorities that this product can be legally imported

Alphacloralose Wheat Instructions

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