Curb - Cat Repellent

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Keep cats of your garden and other out of bounds areas with curb cat repellent.


Curb repels by creating a feeling within the creatures that the treated area is unsafe & threatening. This is reinforced when they quickly leave & the feeling disappears. This means that the effects can last far longer than the Curb itself. Effective on cats and other animals.

Curb is a soluble powder product that harmlessly repels birds & mammals. It has been used extensively & been proved very successful in UK, Europe & Australia over many years. It contains aluminum, ammonium & sulphate which are all elements that are found naturally in the soil. The special way it is formulated & prepared is how the great results are achieved. Virtually odorless to humans. Fully approved by AsureQuality for applications in food, beverage & dairy factories.


Curb is either sprinkled directly on the out-of-bounds area (use the shaker) in its powder form, or else sprayed with water. For Birds, Animals or Rodents around buildings mix with warm water at a rate of 1:10 (100 grams per 1 litre of water.) Curb powder should be applied as a spray in fine dry conditions so the material can dry to ensure adequate protection.

NOTE: Curb doesn't affect humans

The shaker pot holds 150 grams of Curb if it is 3/4 filled. This will cover approximately 15 square metres of garden with a medium application. You may need to repeat the application a couple of times with 4 to 5 day intervals to break animal habits.



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