Fog Force & Mini Fogger Package

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Combined package of 1 x 3.78l bottle of Fog Force and 1 x MS-5000 thermal fogger.

Fog Force is a bird repellent that is applied to the air space with a thermal fogger. Bird flying through the fog breath this in. Although harmless to birds, the fog effects their nerves around their beak area, causing them to feel pain. After repeat exposure to the fog, birds are trained to avoid the areas covered. Great for use in areas where birds are living or nesting like shelter belts, to help drive them out of these areas.

The MS-5000 thermal fogger, compact, lightweight and virtually silent.
Ideal for applications in and around buildings, small crop areas or orchards, and in areas with limited space like house attics.

Special Features
  • Piezo ignition.
  • Tank size - 2.8 litres
  • Net weight 1.23kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 456 x 166 x 368mm.

The Butane cartridges (not included) are readily available from most department stores & at The Warehouse.

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