MK4 Kill Trap

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Pestgard MK4 Kill traps for trapping stoats, rats and weasels.
An excellent way to get rid of these pests, that kill our native birds.
These traps kill stoats, rats and weasels by breaking their back, quickly and effectively.

The normal way to set the traps is in a 3 sided wooden or plastic tunnel. The traps are usually set in pairs - one trap at each end of the tunnel, with bait in between. Traps are normally placed in a shallow hole dug in the ground, so the animal moves over the trap, rather than having to climb over.

Zinc coated for rust protection.

View also our Pestgard MK6 Kill Trap, a larger trap for ferrets and other pests.

Purchase 10 x MK4 kill traps and get an extra trap Free!
(order 10 of these traps and we will send you an extra one at no charge)

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