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Pestgard Rodentzout Pro - 5 Pack

$450.00 excl GST

$517.50 NZD incl GST
pestgard rodentzout 5 pack
Pestgard rodentzout pro side on
Pestgard rodentzout pro

Pestgard Rodentzout Pro - 5 Pack

$450.00 excl GST

$517.50 NZD incl GST
  • Pack of 5 units, buy as a pack and save.

    The Pestgard Rodentzout Pro is an original 5 in 1 plugin electronic rodent and pest repeller. Using advanced, patented technology, the rodentzout system protects your home from rodents and other pests. Simply plugin to a power supply and you're set to go.

    • no chemicals
    • no poisons
    • no mess
    • easy to use
    • safe for humans and pets

    An effective deterrent for rats and mice.

    Customers have also found these to help deter spiders, crawling insects and other pests, but we cannot guarantee this.

    Electrical safety certified - tested and approved to:
    AS/NZS 60335.1:2011 with AS/NZS 3112:2011

    The Pestgard Rodentzout Pro is backed by our 6 months warranty and 30 day returns policy.

    Read our advice for successful rodent control.

  • Ultrasonic
    This is a high pressure ultrasonic sound that is virtually silent to humans but noisy and disorientating to pests. Startles and frightens away rodents and other pests from your home.

    This is a frequency signal that is sent through the power wires of your home. This irritates rodents nervous systems causing them to flee the area. The pulses force pests out of walls and other areas.

    Ions disturb pests and purifies the air from bacteria and odours.
    Keeps pests away and freshens the air.

    Smart Night Light
    Activate manually or use the light sensor function for the light to automatically switch on for the night.

    Pet Friendly
    If pets are in the same area as the unit, use this setting for a pet friendly environment.

    Coverage does depend on the area and the environment. We recommend installing the rodentzout pro in a clear area. If the unit is obstructed by curtains or other obstacles this may decrease the effectiveness.

    The electromagnetic setting will cover the area covered by the circuit it is plugged into.
    The ultrasonic frequencies will cover an area up to 200 square metres.

    We recommend using 1 unit for a small house, 2 units for a medium size house and larger houses 3 or more depending on the size.

    Be aware of imitation units
    We have been made aware of cheap knock offs these units being sold in NZ. Please be aware these units are not associated with our company and appear to be of substandard quality.
    These imitation units featured in a recent 'Fair Go' show.
    We would like to make clear that the units featured, are in no way connected to our products or company, despite 'Fair Go's attempt to connect them to our brand.

  • Will I be able to hear this?
    No, the Rodentzout Pro is virtually silent to humans as the frequencies it uses are above human hearing range.

    Will this harm my pets?
    No, the Rodentzout Pro does not harm animals. The ultrasonic sounds can be heard by most animals, so if pets are near the unit, use the pet friendly function which turns off the Ultrasonic feature.

  • NZ Free Delivery: 2 - 3 working days
    NZ Urgent Delivery: 1 - 2 working days ($6.00 + GST)
    Rural Delivery: 2 - 5 working days
    International: 3 - 10 working days (NZ Post)

    Delivery information is a guide only and may vary depending on location and for combined orders. Contact us for more information, if required.

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Customer Reviews

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