Purivox Razzo

excl GST
$1,580.00 excl GST

Free large butterfly dummy, visual scarer worth $280.00 + GST, with a Razzo purchased this month.

The most effective gas gun for small blocks.
The Razzo is an electronic controlled bird-scarer. The vertical shot barrel fires a "butterfly dummy." The dummy then falls back to the shot barrel under its own weight.

Individual birds such as blackbirds, thrushes and herons may only be driven off for a short time by the normal acoustic apparatus. However, because these birds are particularly vulnerable to predators such as cats or birds of prey, they have a greater fear of movement. 

Special Features

  • Protection area is 1 to 4 hectares depending on the type of crop
  • Triple shot bursts
  • Dummy represents a bird of prey
  • Combination of sound and visual effects
  • 6m antenna
  • 12 month warranty
  • Easy-to-use 24 hour analogue timer included
  • Includes two 6 volt batteries
  • Larger butterfly dummy available
  • Made in Germany

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