QB-4 (Ultrasonic)

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The QB-4 emits powerful ultrasonic harassment sounds at a high frequency which is virtually inaudible to humans, but is very annoying to birds and rodents, although it will not harm them. The output sound frequency can be set to modulate to create an environment birds can't get used to.

3 frequency settings:
VARIED - modulates frequency up and down at a rate controlled by the warble rate knob. During each cycle, the frequency modulates between 22 kHz and 30 kHz with peak sound pressure occurring at 22kHz.
ALTERNATE - alternates between varied mode and steady mode, each mode lasting 12 seconds.
STEADY- fixes sound output at a constant 22 kHz.

Specially designed for mounting on the ceiling of large buildings

For interior use only.

Ideal for:
Warehouses, Workshops, Hangars, Dairy Sheds, Stables, Machine Sheds, Storage Areas, Parking Structures, Sports facilities, Boathouses

Power Input 12 volt. Comes with 240 volt plug pack
Power Consumption Less than 10 watts hourly
Ultrasound Output Range 20-30 kHz; 112 dB at 1m with 22 kHz (each speaker)28dB at 2m.
Strobe Flash Rate 60 triple pulse flashes per minute
Dimensions QB4 - 305 x 305 x 102mm; strobe 153 x 102 x 102mm

13.7m radius. Up to 600 square metres

Warranty 6 months on parts & labour
Made in USA For quality and long life.

For an added deterrent, use the optional QB4 Strobe Light. The red flashing light mixed with the ultrasonic sounds greatly helps to drive the birds away - especially in darker areas.

An extension speaker with a 30m cable can also be plugged into the unit to give coverage in a special area that is outside the range.

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