Transonic Pro

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Drive pests away with sounds they can’t stand - Versatile Ultrasonic/Sonic Pest repeller for home or commercial use.

Highly effective rodent repeller for rats and mice, also targets some crawling insects.

Uses ultrasonic and sonic harassment sounds to deter rodents and other pests from your property.

  • Commercial-Grade Pest Repellent Device
  • Covers up to 325 square metres - depending on the setting.
  • Side-by-side speakers increase effectiveness exponentially
  • Uses unique combination of sonic and ultrasonic
  • Sound varies constantly
  • Heavy duty unit
  • Three different volumes
  • Three different sound patterns
  • Use indoors, Great for garages, sheds, storage areas, warehouses and other buildings.
  • The unit will not affect humans, dogs, cats and other non-rodent pets.

For best results, we recommend that food sources are removed.

Read our advice for successful rodent control.

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