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We are changing name

We are changing name

New changes effective from 1 April 2017

As from the 1st of April 2017 our 2 businesses Maintrac and Pestgard will merge into one new entity “Maintrac Group Limited.”.

Ownership, staff and our quality products and service, will remain the same.
But this merger means that we will now be able to serve you even better, as you will be able to purchase your ag machinery parts and bird and pest control solutions from the one company.

Maintrac, Pestgard and Birdzout are all brand names of Maintrac Group Limited.

Our new contact and company information will be:
  • Legal name: Maintrac Group Limited
  • Physical Address: 86-90 Palmerston Street, Westport 7825
  • Postal: PO Box 146, Westport 7866
  • Phone: 03 789 6047
  • Fax: 03 789 8710
  • Toll Free: 0800 654 320
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • GST no: 122-395-650
  • Company no: 6255309
maintrac group

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Bird Control Guide for Kiwifruit

Bird control in Kiwifruit is important, particularly at bud burst. Loss of Kiwifruit flower buds to birds can occur very quickly and can be devastating to orchards, causing loss of revenue for both growers and the kiwifruit industry.
Pestgard have a wide range of solutions to help you combat this problem. - View the solutions available.

Sparrows, Finch and Silver Eyes are the main birds that cause trouble for Kiwifruit growers. In some areas Rosellas can also be an issue.
To target these birds, the best success is gained from using a combination of bird deterrents. Multiple deterrents work together to create an affect on the birds that is far greater than individual deterrents used on their own.
In kiwifruit Pestgard have found the best way to keep pest birds away is to use a combination of sound deterrents combined with visual deterrents.
This is an effective but humane and safe way for you to to protect your Kiwifruit buds from destructive birds.

Sonic Bird Scarers have proved to be a very effective bird deterrent in kiwifruit (read the testimonials).
Package options are now available for the BirdXPeller Pro and larger Super BirdXpeller Pro.
These products use natural bird sounds to help you to deter pest birds. The sound chips can be specially customised to target your specific bird problem, with a variety of different sounds available.

The picture below shows the approximate coverage of the individual speakers on the sound units.
This picture shows a Super BirdXpeller Pro with 4 speakers at a central point.
Each speaker covers a cone shaped area, as shown, approximately 90 metres long and out to 60 metres wide.
Coverage does depend on weather conditions and the environment it is used in.

Speakers are best positioned above the kiwifruit canopy, keep in mind that the sound will not penetrate objects or dense foliage like wind breaks.
You can use the speakers from one central location as above, or as kiwifruit blocks are often long and narrow it is often better to position speakers in different locations in the block to get the best coverage.
Extension leads or longer speaker cables can be supplied if required. Ask us for advice.
A sound unit can also be setup on a trolley or trailer for portability and moved around the orchard to problem areas.

Visual deterrents are an effective way to create a further deterring effect on the pest birds.
Predator kite kits work particularly well when used in conjunction with the sound units above. Birds will associate the predator cries from the sound unit with the predator kites. This creates a very realistic situation and has an excellent deterring effect on the birds, forcing them out of your orchard.

Fog Force used with a thermal fogger is a handy tool to help you break birds habits and keep them out of shelter belts and other similar areas.
Fog Force is best used in the morning and evening as birds fly in or out of an area. Often after a few days of experiencing the pain caused by fog force, the birds have had enough and will not return for some time.

Pyrotechnics are a great way for you to move flocks of birds when you are in the orchard and also help you to break birds habits of coming to a particular area. Many growers are now using these with excellent results.

Want to combat birds in your orchard and increase crop yields and revenue?
View the solutions available, buy now online!

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Bird Control in Farm Sheds

Pestgard provide a range of solutions for keeping birds out of dairy sheds, farm implement & machinery sheds, farm storage sheds and other sheds and buildings.

Birds are a common pest in farm buildings, frequenting them to nest, roost and feed. Birds are noisy, spread diseases, peck holes in roofs and can cause machinery failure. Their nests create a fire risk and their droppings are corrosive, contaminating, lead to slips and falls, are a health and safety risk and are extremely messy.

Simple bird control for farm sheds in 3 easy steps

1. Remove any bird nests and clean up bird mess.
Birds will regularly come back to places that have been inhabited by birds before.
Cleaning up nests and bird mess makes the area far less attractive to birds.
Wash areas well with soapy water to remove the smell of birds.

2. Get rid of resident birds.
Birds that are currently living in your shed will be the hardest to deter. Often birds will come back to the same nesting spots each year bringing their offspring with them.
Removing these resident birds will go along way in helping to solve your bird problem.
Birds can be humanely removed using mist net or narcotic paste

3. Install bird deterrents.
Once the previous 2 steps have been completed, bird deterrents can be installed.
Bird deterrents will prevent birds from wanting to come into your shed and will stop them from nesting in this area.
The most effective way to keep pest birds away from your farm shed is to use multiple bird deterrents, setting these up in a package to keep the birds away.
A combination of bird deterrents has far greater effect on birds than the individual products used on their own.
In farm sheds the best method is to use a sound deterrent combined with some visual deterrents. Roost aversion products can also be used to keep birds off rafters and other perch and nesting areas.
This combination keeps your farm shed free of pest birds, keeping your shed and farm equipment clean of bird mess and safe from birds nesting.

Need more information or advice? Submit a free evaluation or contact us.

Bird Control in Farm Sheds

Download Brochure

View products - buy now online!

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How to get rid of mice and rats?

What is the best way to get rid of rats and mice?

Rats and mice have always been a problem for property owners. New Zealand's temperate climate and native forests create ideal conditions for rodents to breed and thrive.

Maintrac Group offer successful rodent control products, to help you protect your property, home or building from a rodent invasion.

Advice for Homes, Sheds & Warehouses:

  • Any food will attract rodents. Keep your floors, benches and other areas clean of exposed food.
  • Block any holes, where possible, that will give access to rats and mice from outside. Curb repellent powder can also be used to deter rodent from access points.
  • Use an Electronic rodent deterrent to keep rats and mice away. The Pestgard Rodentzout Pro is an excellent option for use in your home, shop or warehouse. The Transonic Pro uses powerful ultrasonic and sonic harassment sounds to keep rodents away from large areas. Great for your sheds, storage areas and other buildings, it can be powered from a 12v battery if no power source is available.
  • Mouse traps and rat traps are an excellent way to help you to get rid of persistent rodents outside.
    Maintrac Group are stockists of Nooski traps, these are safe, clean, 100% effective and will help you get rid of more rats and mice, quickly.
    The Pestgard Rat Zapper kills rats and mice with deadly consistency. Keep in mind, rats are smart and will often not go into a trap unless no other food source is available.

Rodent Protection Outside:

  • The Yardgard is a weatherproof unit which uses powerful ultrasonic sound to keep rodents and other pests away from outdoor areas. The Yardgard can also be used in your attic, basement and other open areas to keep rats and mice away.
  • Mouse traps and rat traps are an excellent way to get rid of persistent rodents, keep these and any poison outside of areas covered by a rodent repeller.
    Nooski traps are also ideal for use outside, safer than other traps, in areas where there are children, pets or non-target animals.

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Possum Trapping Tips

Want to know how to trap possums?

Possums are the number 1 enemy of New Zealands native forest. In some areas they have destroyed whole canopies of forest, killing trees and reducing habitat for native birds.
Possum trapping is a way you can help to reduce this threat to our eco-system. Sale of possum fur will also help you to earn extra revenue.

There are two different methods of trapping possums in NZ. Live trapping or trapping with kill traps. Each has their own uses, advantages and disadvantages.

Possum Trapping with Live Capture Traps
These come in two forms, either live capture cage traps or possum leg hold traps.

Live capture cage traps are ideal for use near your home or dwelling. These are safe to use in areas where pets or other animals are nearby, as any non-target animals can be released.
Cage traps are easy for you to use, simply lift the door and set the trip hook and place bait or possum lure at the far end of the trap.
Pestgard's large possum cage trap or pro version cage trap are larger than most cage traps available. This is suitable for catching all sizes of possums along with other animal pests.

Possum leg hold traps are a cost effective way to catch a large number of possums. Pestgard's leg hold traps are number 1 type traps and are compliant with MAF & Bio-security regulations for number 1 leg hold traps.
There are regulations around the use of leg hold traps in New Zealand. No leg-hold traps can be used within 150 metres of a dwelling without the express permission of the occupier, or in any area where there is a probable risk of catching a pet animal. Check with your district council for any specific regulations in your area.

Trapping with leg hold traps
Leg hold traps are commonly set at the base of trees where there has been noticeable possum activity. Possums will regularly return to the same tree each night to feed, so look for signs of possum feeding and worn paths through the undergrowth where possums have moved each night. Find an area to set your traps, where you believe there is a good number of possums.
To prevent losing your traps, set them along a ridge line or a marked line on a map or GPS system. Trees can also be marked with coloured tape to help identify where the traps have been set.
Staple the ring at the end of the trap chain, securely to the tree to prevent escape.

Checking live capture traps
Live capture traps need to be checked regularly, at least once a day. It is common practice to set possum traps at night and check them in the morning. Kill possums that have been caught and reset these traps. Any traps that have not caught a possum can be moved to a better location.

Killing possums
Possums caught in live capture traps need to be killed quickly and humanely.
You may choose to do this with a high powered rifle or strike possums on the head with a heavy, blunt object.

Possum Trapping with Kill Traps
Possum kill traps have the advantage of killing possums humanely in the trap, this also means they do not have to be checked as regularly as live capture traps.
It is not recommended to use kill traps in areas where pets or non target animals may be able to access the trap.
Like leg hold traps, possum kill traps are set on or near trees where there is regular possum activity.
There are a variety of different kill traps available in New Zealand. The possum kill traps sold by Pestgard have been used and tested extensively by DOC and other pest control operators. These have proved to be humane and have a high possum kill rate, they are also safe and easy to use.

Possum Trap Bait or Lure
Use bait that can be smelt easily by possums. Possums like sweet things, cage traps can be baited with pieces of apple or other fresh fruit or a variety of different baits can be mixed with flour including icing sugar or aniseed oil and applied as a paste onto trees or as bait in possum kill traps. Jam or peanut butter can also be used.
Cinnamon scented possum lure is a paste that can be applied to trees above possum leg hold traps it is also ideal for use in kill traps, simply squeeze onto the bait clip.
This lure has a strong smell which make it easy for you to attract possums into your traps.

Make a start trapping possums, buy now online!

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How to Stop Dogs Barking

Dogs will often bark for no reason and as humans we do not always understand why this may be.

Why do dogs bark?
This can often be for a number of reasons: when they are happy, to warn of a strange animal or person nearby, to alert of danger, some dogs will bark just for the sake of barking or some will bark at almost any noise, movement or disturbance.

How to stop a dog from barking?
There are a number of things you can do to help prevent your dog from barking.
- You may be able to train them to stop barking at a voice command. This can be effective but often can be ignored by the dog.
- Remove what they are barking at or put the dog in an area where they cannot be disturbed. This can help but is not always practical for many homes.
- Ignore the barking. Sometimes this can take away the motivation to bark.
- Keep your dog active so they are too tired to bark.

The best way - use a successful anti bark device.
These are products that can be used manually or automatically to help prevent your dog from barking at unwanted times.
Pestgard stock products that have been used extensively throughout New Zealand and proven successful in a variety of different situations.
Shock collars are widely regarded to be inhumane and harmful to dogs.
Pestgard's bark control products use ultrasonic or sonic sound to train your dog not to bark.
These products are a humane solution to prevent nuisance dog barking.

The Good Neighbour Barker Breaker, is our most popular bark control device.
This is great for covering larger outdoor yard and kennel areas. Automatically activated by the dog, so you have the peace of mind that it will work even when you are not at home.

The Mini Barker Breaker, is manually activated. Just point at the dog and press the button to train your dog to stop barking. This is ideal if you need to stop barking when out for a walk.

The Bark Free, is also automatically activated when the dog barks. The bark free can be set to use ultrasonic sound to train dogs not to bark, these sounds are heard by the dog, but are virtually inaudible to people. This is more suited for use inside, in cars and near kennels. Best for use in areas where people are very close by.

Give yourself some peace and keep your neighbours happy, buy online now!

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Duck Decoys - Lifelike Flying Kites

Wanting to increase your duck shooting success, this season?
Check out our lifelike flying Duck Decoys and Canadian Goose Decoys.

The most realistic duck decoys of all!
These realistic kites beat their wings, bank on the air and soar to new heights emulating a bird in flight.
From a distance it is hard to distinguish a real bird from one of these kites.

'Attracts the real birds like a magnet!'
A fantastic complement to some floating decoys.

Some feedback from our customers
- “Out of the 120 decoys we had set out all round us, it was noted once the kite was out, ALL the ducks hovered right beside the kite and in good shooting range.”
- "The Jackite kite was the fatal attractor. Ended up shooting 8 in the first hour of the day. One of the better morning shoots I have had post opening day on this pond."
- "The geese were attracted well, I felt they came in from a long way away, they were miles away and they seemed to start dropping from miles off and just come straight in, which I’ve never experienced that before."

View in action - click a video below to view.

Buy now online!

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Bird Spikes - DIY Bird Proofing

Introducing our new range of bird spikes.

Bird spikes are an effective means of keeping birds away from particular roost and perch areas.
We have a range of different bird spikes available for many different applications and bird species including pigeons, seagulls, starlings, sparrows, swallows and more.
Pestgard bird spikes are easy to install. Bird proof your property with these high quality stainless steel spikes, buy online and save.

The new Pestgard bird spike range includes:
Pestgard AU2 Bird Spikes - for use on narrow ledges, pipework and light pressure bird areas.
Pestgard AW3 Bird Spikes - Our most popular bird spikes 90mm wide.
Pestgard AW4 Bird Spikes - 140mm wide - excellent pigeon spikes.
Pestgard AW5 Bird Spikes - Ideal seagull deterrent - 170mm wide.
Pestgard SS-10 Bird Spikes - Premium stainless steel spikes and base.

Download our bird spikes spec sheet.

Pestgard bird spikes are pre-drilled so they can be fastened with screws. Otherwise use our super spike adhesive to glue spikes to a wide range of different surfaces.

Bird spikes are best suited to outdoor and exterior applications. It is not recommended to use bird spikes in areas where birds are nesting.
If you require more advice or information, please contact us.

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