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Free Delivery NZ Wide - On Orders Over $99.00 + GST


Duck Decoys - Lifelike Flying Kites

Wanting to increase your duck shooting success, this season?
Check out our lifelike flying Duck Decoys and Canadian Goose Decoys.

The most realistic duck decoys of all!
These realistic kites beat their wings, bank on the air and soar to new heights emulating a bird in flight.
From a distance it is hard to distinguish a real bird from one of these kites.

'Attracts the real birds like a magnet!'
A fantastic complement to some floating decoys.

Some feedback from our customers
- “Out of the 120 decoys we had set out all round us, it was noted once the kite was out, ALL the ducks hovered right beside the kite and in good shooting range.”
- "The Jackite kite was the fatal attractor. Ended up shooting 8 in the first hour of the day. One of the better morning shoots I have had post opening day on this pond."
- "The geese were attracted well, I felt they came in from a long way away, they were miles away and they seemed to start dropping from miles off and just come straight in, which I’ve never experienced that before."

View in action - click a video below to view.

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