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PlaceMakers Roof Oamaru

Birdzout Auto Laser deters seagulls from large roof

Struck with a major seagull problem on the roof of their new building, PlaceMakers Oamaru were needing a quick solution.
As the roof area was large and relatively flat with the birds able to perch over the entire area, physical bird proofing methods would be costly and impractical. (The photo above shows the roof area covered in seagull crap, not a good look for a brand new building!)
When they approached us for options we recommended our new Birdzout Auto Laser unit. This proved to be a complete success.

"The day we installed the system was the last day we saw these seagulls on our roof. It appeared to work perfectly and as promised. On watching the flocks of seagulls arriving in the evening, I was extremely happy to see them circle then fly off. After 2 1/2 months they have not returned." - Geoff (PlaceMakers Oamaru)

The clean roof with the laser installed.

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