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Free Delivery NZ Wide - On Orders Over $99.00 + GST


Predator Kites

Predator kites are a life-like bird of prey, commonly flown on a short 2 metre line from a telescopic pole where they fly like a real bird. These are our most popular and successful visual bird deterrent. An effective way to protect your vineyard from pest birds.

Why Predator Kites are great for bird control:

  • Realistic - these kites actually fly, appearing like a real bird of prey.
  • A great way to add effect to a sound deterrent system. Birds associate the predator sounds on the unit with the kite. This has a far greater deterring effect on the birds than using an individual deterrent on its own.
  • Pole heights of up to 9.2 metres allow coverage over a large area. The higher the kite is, the greater the coverage.
  • These kites will fly in a light breeze, if the wind does drop, they automatically start flying again when the wind picks up.
  • Easy to use and install or move between blocks as required.
  • An efficient and effective way to deter birds or add to any bird control program in vineyards.

What our customers say:

"The Falcon Kite I bought early March has done a great job in our 3 acre vineyard. We had covered the vines with nets but there were too many holes and the birds were causing lots of damage. After mounting the kite on the 9.2 metre pole, the bird damage greatly reduced. It has been a very worthwhile purchase." - Vineyard - Nelson

"We are harvesting olives at present. Although a light crop -there is minimal bird damage.Last crops have been decimated by birds. The falcon kite purchased must have contributed to the lack of bird damage." - Olive Grower - Nelson

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