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Pest control in buildings is highly important, and if not regulated can be expensive and pose health and safety risks.
Pestgard provide a range of solutions for keeping birds and rodents out of buildings. We have many successful products that have been tried and proven in many buildings in New Zealand and around the world.

Rats and Mice:
Rats and mice in buildings can cause serious issues such as; contamination, spread of diseases and fire hazards. Use our successful rodents deterrents to keep these pests out.

Birds are a common pest in buildings, frequenting them to nest, roost and feed. Birds are noisy, spread diseases, peck holes in roofs and can cause machinery failure. Their nests create a fire risk and their droppings are corrosive, contaminating, lead to slips and falls, are a health and safety risk and are extremely messy.
It is important in buildings to target birds in as many ways as possible. Ideally it is best to remove any bird nests and clean up bird mess, then get rid of resident birds where possible using mist net or bird bait. Persistent birds can be moved on using a laser deterrent.
After this, use a combination of deterrents to keep the birds out.
For example, combine sound deterrents with visual deterrents, for greater impact. Or ask us about diffusing fog force for effective wide area bird control.

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