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Seagulls - rude, aggressive, rowdy, scavengers, in other words a pest. Found all over the coastline of New Zealand they are black / brown / grey and white, with yellow / orange beak and legs, beady eyes and a shrill shriek.

Their food consists of whatever they can scavenge, rubbish, food scraps, insects, carcasses, offal, fish, even other birds and eggs. They will also be found on farms at lambing / calving time to take advantage of any weak or dead animals. Seagulls also eat shellfish, dropping them from high in the air onto hard ground to break the shells open and get the fish out.

Nests are built anywhere, rocky ledges, open paddocks, roofs or chimneys. They are extremely protective of their young and dive bomb anyone that comes near the nest

They are a pest, not only because of their aggressive nature, but also erosion, pollution and structural damage caused by their droppings. Because of what they feed on, they also spread diseases. Seagulls are also a major casue of bird strikes. Spikes are an easy way to prevent them landing, perching or roosting. 

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