Bird Control in Farm Sheds

Pestgard provide a range of solutions for keeping birds out of dairy sheds, farm implement & machinery sheds, farm storage sheds and other sheds and buildings.

Birds are a common pest in farm buildings, frequenting them to nest, roost and feed. Birds are noisy, spread diseases, peck holes in roofs and can cause machinery failure. Their nests create a fire risk and their droppings are corrosive, contaminating, lead to slips and falls, are a health and safety risk and are extremely messy.

Simple bird control for farm sheds in 3 easy steps

1. Remove any bird nests and clean up bird mess.
Birds will regularly come back to places that have been inhabited by birds before.
Cleaning up nests and bird mess makes the area far less attractive to birds.
Wash areas well with soapy water to remove the smell of birds.

2. Get rid of resident birds.
Birds that are currently living in your shed will be the hardest to deter. Often birds will come back to the same nesting spots each year bringing their offspring with them.
Removing these resident birds will go along way in helping to solve your bird problem.
Birds can be humanely removed using mist net or narcotic paste

3. Install bird deterrents.
Once the previous 2 steps have been completed, bird deterrents can be installed.
Bird deterrents will prevent birds from wanting to come into your shed and will stop them from nesting in this area.
The most effective way to keep pest birds away from your farm shed is to use multiple bird deterrents, setting these up in a package to keep the birds away.
A combination of bird deterrents has far greater effect on birds than the individual products used on their own.
In farm sheds the best method is to use a sound deterrent combined with some visual deterrents. Roost aversion products can also be used to keep birds off rafters and other perch and nesting areas.
This combination keeps your farm shed free of pest birds, keeping your shed and farm equipment clean of bird mess and safe from birds nesting.

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Bird Control in Farm Sheds

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