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5 tips for rodent control this winter

5 tips for rodent control this winter

It's almost winter and a rodent population explosion is expected this year.
After a long warm summer and the cold finally setting in, large numbers of rats and mice are seeking warm places to spend the winter.
Our homes, buildings and properties offer warmth, shelter, protection and food to rodents. But as most of us do not want these pests on our property, what can we do to avoid a rodent invasion?

Tip 1:
Start from the outside. Rodents will often hide in long grass, wood piles and other areas of shelter outside, before venturing inside. Keeping grass short and minimising areas where rodents can hide near your home or building, will help reduce rodent presence in the area, before they can come inside.

Tip 2:
Restrict access points. This is not easy as rodents can enter through very small holes but if there are known entry points, blocking these with fine mesh or other means to prevent entry is a good idea. Curb repellent powder, can also be used to deter rodents from entry points and other areas.

Tip 3:
Limit food sources. Rodents will first be attracted by the presence of food, both outside and inside the house. Limiting food sources by ensuring rubbish bins are closed and sealed, regular vacuuming of crumbs and keeping food in sealed bags or containers, will help to reduce the attractiveness of the area to rodents.

Tip 4:
If you already have a rodent problem, what should you do? For existing rodent problems, the best option initially is to use traps or poison bait stations, where practical, to remove the resident rodents. Or for large rodent problems we recommend contacting a professional pest control company.

Tip 5:
If you don't have a rodent problem but want to do more to protect your property, or have had a problem and don't want this to happen again, what more can you do?
Electronic rodent repellers are a means of making areas of homes and buildings less attractive to rodents, often helping to prevent rodents problems. Read more about how these work.

For more tips and advice on rodent control, read our pest control guides or contact us.

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